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Gain a Competitive Advantage

Corporate Wellness Business Solutions

Bar1s Urban Fitness strives to provide top corporate health & wellness programs for businesses across Sault Ste, Marie. We are able to assist employers in creating a more positive, healthy, motivated, and efficient staff team.

We do this by educating, motivating, and uplifting employees to live a healthy lifestyle by incorporating exercise, proper nutrition, and workplace wellness into their daily routines.

We provide a variety of options to accommodate your corporate wellness needs including:

  • Private small group training

  • General nutritional counselling

  • On site workplace ergonomics education

  • Creation of staff wellness incentive programs

  • Corporate membership rates

Get the Benefits

  • Knowledgeable staff the come to work energized and motivated

  • Decrease staff illness and absenteeism

  • Increased employee performance and production resulting in higher revenues for your business

  • Increased employee retention due to the more positive and health conscious atmosphere

  • A competitive edge over other companies due to having employees at their peak levels of health and performance

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