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Workout Your Way

A Few Different Membership Plans to Choose From

Bi-Weekly Membership Plans

Bi-weekly memberships are based on our pre-authorized payment schedules. Payments are automatically withdrawn from your bank account every other Friday. All we require is a void cheque or Direct Withdrawal Form from your financial institution.

Primary Gym Membership

  • Full studio access

  •  For an individual or head of the household. Member has the option to add associate members within the same household. 



Secondary Gym Membership

  • Full studio access

  • Membership available as an add-on to a primary membership within the same household (spouses, significant others,etc. - all payments must come out of same account).



Health Care Professional Gym


  • Full studio access

  • Membership available to all health care professionals 

       with valid proof of employment in the health care field

       (employee ID, etc.)

  • Can't add a secondary membership to this account  




Term Memberships

Term memberships are paid in full at the beginning of the contract.

12 Month Membership

  • Full studio access



12 Month Freedom 60 Membership

  • Full studio access

  • For members age 60+ only



Short-Term Memberships 

Tax not included. 

Guest Pass - $29.99

  • One time entry 

1 Week Pass - $79.99

  • 1 week consecutive w/o commitment 

1 Month Pass - $149.99

  • 1 month consecutive w/o commitment 

**Memberships do not include access to group classes or to a personal trainer.**

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