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Workout Your Way

A Few Different Membership Plans to Choose From

15 Day Paid Membership Trial

Interested in a membership? Try our 15 day trial. No commitment, no obligation.


  • 2-30 minute personal training sessions

  • full access to fitness area for 15 consecutive days

Bi-Weekly Membership Plans

Bi-weekly memberships are based on our pre-authorized payment schedules. Payments are automatically withdrawn from your bank account every other Friday. All we require is a void cheque or Direct Withdrawal Form from your financial institution.

Primary Gym Membership

  • Full studio access

  •  For an individual or head of the household. Member has the option to add associate members within the same household. 



Secondary Gym Membership

  • Full studio access

  • Membership available as an add-on to a primary membership within the same household (spouses, significant others,etc. - all payments must come out of same account).



Health Care Professional Gym


  • Full studio access

  • Membership available to all health care professionals 

       with valid proof of employment in the health care field

       (employee ID, etc.)




Term Memberships

Term memberships are paid in full at the beginning of the contract.

12 Month Membership

  • Full studio access



12 Month Freedom 60 Membership

  • Full studio access

  • For members age 60+ only



Short-Term Memberships 

Tax not included. 10X pass is valid for one year from date of purchase.

Guest Pass - $29.99

  • One time entry 

1 Week Pass - $69.99 

  • 7 days consecutive without commitment 

10x Guest Pass - $189.99

  • 10x guest passes without commitment 

**Memberships do not include access to group classes or to a personal trainer.**

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