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Group Classes That are Sure to Get Your Blood Pumping

All group fitness classes are available to both members and non-members. Class packages must be purchased at reception before registering for classes. You MUST sign up for all classes in advance either online or by contacting reception. Prices for classes are as low as $11.00 per session!

(All prices are subject to HST)

Class Packages
20 Pass Pack  $221.24 
10 Pass Pack  $115.04 
5 Pass Pack  $66.37
Single Drop In  $17.69     

A kettlebell class that also incorporates band workouts. A sure to build balance, power, muscle and more! 


A class using kettlebells to blast fat, tone, and build muscle!

(Abs, booty & core)

A high intensity workout targeting core and lower body muscle groups while using body weight exercises, kettlebells, and dumbbells that will surely get your heart pumping!


A high intensity resistance training workout that targets all muscle groups while using a combination of dumbbells and some body weight exercises. 


A fun moderate to high intensity workout! This is a HITT style class that incorporates boxing inspired exercises with an emphasis on core strength. 


Looking for a HIGH intensity workout? This is what you need. This class incorporates TRX, kettlebell, bands, and dumbbells for a unique high intensity interval experience! 


This class consists of 3 different circuits where the difficulty increases through each individual circuit. This full body workout is sure to help get your blood flowing and improve your cardio!


This class uses a combination of cardio, circuit training, and supersets. This class will get your heart pumping and the sweat pouring in just 30 minutes, so you can get back to enjoying your weekend in no time! 


A fitness class suitable for children 8-12 years. This class focuses on functional fitness and physical literacy, Fit Kids will have your young athletes engaging in various types of workouts (HIIT, strength, circuit) to reinforce the benefits from their other sports.

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